Sep 17

The Hundred Foot Journey

Absolutely fantastic movie. Useless book.

Do yourself a favour, Watch the movie, don’t read the book.

It’s magic in the kitchen when the spices of India flirt with haute french cuisine. Sparks fly and the heat is on.

A muslim family who passionately run a restaurant in Mumbai are victims of a riot. They loose everything and flee to Europe to begin anew. While driving around the continent looking for the perfect place to settle down in, their car breaks down in the most inconvenient place possible. A beautiful little french hamlet with a Michelin star restaurant. But Indians are Indians and Michelin star or not, the family decides to give the extremely hoity toity neighbour a run for her money…

And then things get complicated, and soooooo much fun!


Om Puri as papa – Mr. Kadam head of the Indian family is at his ferocious best as a crusty old man with a heart of gold. Helen Mirren, the snooty owner and chef extraordinaire of the french restaurant, plays her role to perfection. She makes an omlette in the movie… It’s like watching a ballet perfectly executed. Sheer Brilliance.

Manish Dayal as the son Hassan, and the star acts with understated elegance, exuding charm and passion for anything culinary and Charlotte Le Bon as Marguerite who sparks his passion into a fire…

Amazingly A.R. Rahman’s music is fabulous and spot on. Though I am sure he sneaked in bits of Mozart here and there … Just like Hassan sneaks in some Indian masalas into a 200 year old cooking tradition!

Very rarely does a movie get everything right. I felt this is one of those rare ones
you can see again and again. Catch it in a theatre if you can! 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



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