Oct 21

Thoughts on Vertebrae

I have been taking CST for years and it has made a huge difference to me. Right from the time I had my back issues to in the last few years, when my health had been a little delicate, the CST touch always used to rejuvenate me and make me feel great.

Sri Sri University is poised to be the first government recognised educational institution in the whole of Asia to offer a Master’s program in Osteopathy. Cranio Sacral Therapy is a subset and a fairly refined version of Osteopathy and I found out that even non doctors can learn it. So Dinesh and I decided to take the plunge and learn this fantastic therapy. BTW, you cannot learn it from Sri Sri University unless you are a doctor or equivalent. Basically, to be really effective you need to know anatomy and physiology really well.

As homework for my next session, I had to draw out the vertebrae of the spine and write out my thoughts about them … Being the sincere student that I am, I finished everything more than 10 days before the due date and was happy enough with my work, to actually share it with all of you!

Read on…

After staring at the entire spine and the individual vertebrae for quite some time, I cannot help but think about the entire system like some sort of a giant zipper that holds everything in place!

The cervical vertebrae are small and delicate and their shape seems to allow all the stuff the neck is supposed to be doing – ability to rotate the head left, right, up and down seems to be primary function. They have so brilliantly adapted themselves to the space constraints that are intrinsically in the neck region.

5th Cervical

As we proceed down the spine, the thoracic vertebrae flare out creating a fabulous skeleton (pun intended) for the back and the chest. They are not carved out for much movement, more to create shape and give a solid backbone (pun intended again!) to all the life suport systems in the body.

6th Thorasic

The lumbar vertebrae are more solid. They have to give support to the abdominal organs in the front of the body as well as give suppleness to the body to be able to bend down as well as backwards… So that people like Dinesh can show off how flexible they are! Suryanamaskars happen really well when these vertebrae are doing good.

Lumbar Lateral

The sacrum – It is leaf shaped or heart shaped depending on whether you think of yourself as an environmentalist or a romantic. It seems to become a solid base for the rest of the spine holding and grounding the structure, and amazingly is made to fit comfortably into the palm of a hand. Coincidence? Perhaps the Creator had thought about Cranio Sacral Therapy…

Sacrum Anterior

The coccyx, seems to be some sort of an after thought… if we had a tail, it would start from there. Thankfully we don’t, otherwise we would need to learn the names of so many more bones! When the coccyx is aligned properly somehow at least in my body, I feel a sense of balance and ease. It seems to be the zip of the zipper, the one you would pull to make everything come apart.

sacrum and coccyx lateral

An interesting thing happened while I was drawing the bones… Suddenly I feel much more aware about my own spine. This was a fun exercise!

Jai Gurudeva!



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