May 23

Tomato Rice and Cheese Peas Pulav

Tomato Rice

This is a very gentle, subtle flavoured rice… i love it!

Take 5 generous handfuls of rice and soak in water for about an hour. Wash the rice well and bung it into a cooker.
Puree 7-8 tomatoes and optionally cook it for a while in olive oil. Add this to the rice. I find that cooking the puree before adding to the rice in the cooker somehow enhances the flavour.

Add to it some green peas (depends on how much you like them, I add about a small cup full of them). Peel 2 carrots and slice them into medium roundels. Add to the rice. You could also add a chunkily chopped potato (don’t remove the skin). Add a finely chopped chopped tomato as well. In the photo below i have also added a few chunks of mock meat that shilpa got for us from Singapore… This is absolutely optional πŸ™‚

Next add 10-15 fresh basil leaves. Also add lots of olive oil, I just let it glug out of the bottle for a bit ?. Finally add a small blob of butter. Add salt to taste. Add water so that it completely covers the entire mixture. And pressure cook for three whistles and simmer for 10ish minutes after that. Wait for the cooker to cool down before opening it.

Serve piping hot. Tzatziki (recipe coming real soon) will go really well with it. As well as fresh dahi.

You could also change the flavour by doing a garlic tadka. (Heat Olive oil and add 2 mashed or very finely sliced garlic cloves. Add to the rice and mix it up well).

There is a variation to this. I call it cheese peas Pulav.
You don’t add the tomatoes and carrots to the rice. Just add lots of green peas and 2 chunkily sliced potatoes and depending on how many calories you want to watch out for heaps of grated cheese. Cheddar works best. And follow the recipe exactly as above.

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11 Responses to “Tomato Rice and Cheese Peas Pulav”

  1. komal says:

    jai gurudev bau,
    amazing recipe have tried it before but this ones abit different from mine.. i add soya chunks soaked in hot water.. tastes good too.. will try the peas and cheesey one soon…. jai gurudev…

  2. Anand says:

    Thanks Bau…

  3. Uday says:

    just had it…it was awesome..:) i think there was a need to cook the tomatoes for some for time..i did for arnd 5 min. forgot basil leaves but still it tasted damn good. i put some butter first and cooked rice in it for 2-3 min then put the tomatoes, carrots and potato:) waiting for more recipes…


  4. akila says:

    jai gurudev bau,
    amazing recipe.. made it yesterday.. its simply tastes too good.. i ahve had tomato rice before too but this one is definitely too yummy and the greatest thing is its too easy and fast to cook…
    Waiting for more recipes

  5. Dinesh says:

    this was too gud, just awesome yesterday we had plan to go michigan but landed up in pittsburgh so we thought let do some interesting and I did tomoto rice the only thing which i changed i added rayi while fring the stuff…. and also while chopping the vegetable all the volunteers were so enthusiastic they chopped much more potato so aunty told me to do something with potato (I made coconut potato- potato wit coconut flavors turned out to be yummiiiiiiiiiii… recipe will share soon)then we had too gud satsang after all too good feast hahahahhahaha πŸ™‚

    love bau keep sharing new amazing recipe πŸ™‚

  6. Dinesh says:

    Coconut potato:

    take some 5 biggish potatosss cut them in nice chunks. and take fresh coconut grate it into nice powdery flakes.

    take some oil in the pan put some green chilly (cut long) with some curry leaves once u feel the fregnance of leaves add lots of azawain (bau i dont know wat its called in english) add the chucks of potatos, salt to taste and the powdery flakes of coconut just cover the pan with lid and let the potato cook in steam for around bau’s 10ish minutes

    and here u get ur nicely smelling coconut potato-i just put some shredded corriender on it and server hotttttttttttt

    i liked it too yummiiiiiiiiiii

  7. rajeshree says:

    You guys are a real boon to us …busy mums. thanks for the yummy recipes. Rajeshree

  8. Sharu says:

    Jai Gurudev,

    This was reaaly wonderful recipe. I prepared and all the family members appreciated you.

    Thanks a lott…

    Jai gurudev,
    with love,
    Sharath TS

  9. arya says:

    thanks ji.
    i ve been searching for receipies as nowadays im living alone:)

  10. Prerana says:

    Thanks bawa. Made this recipe, the rice became a little soft, overall it turned out really well and was much appreciated.:-). I am looking at making your miso soup next.

  11. barathi says:

    thnx bau…nice one..really liked it..

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