May 7

True Magic

… Continued from Introducing Supriya Iyer

Today was D-day. She would have to appear for the personal interview. What chance did she have?! She would certainly fail on looks, voice, laugh and familiar. Cmon Priya, its time we went to that place, shouted her father. Don’t forget to get Frankie, yelled ma. They had been most understanding about her wanting to become a witch once they saw her curdle milk with a glance and turn it into rich dahi with a flick of her wrist. And that time when they were stuck in a traffic jam, getting horribly late for Namita Auntie’s daughter’s wedding, Supriya had suggested an alternate mode of transportaion. Ma had alighted gracefully from the bai’s broomstick, adjusted the pleats of her silk sari, and commented, “Why this is not much different from a scooter ride from Bandra to Churchgate”.

“And less bumpy too,” pointed out her father.

She pulled Frankie’s hair all over the place to make him look scary. All it did was make him look untidy. And cute. She hastily put her worst dress on and uncombed her hair. And rushed out of her door and ran to the car and to her dismay found that she had forgotten to undo the door bless.

By the time she was entering the gates of IITWW, Bombay, the magic had finished working. She was radiant. Cheeks glowing, hair brushed and cascading and dress new and starched. There was nothing for it now, she thought… Nothing I can do. I will have to study calculus. All around her were girls and boys her age, who had white hair or green eyes. Who could cackle. They had spiders and mice and bats and owls as familiars. She stood out like a sore thumb.

And suddenly her name was called. Supriya Iyer, please go to door number 13. She walked to number 13, her heart beating faster and faster, making the blood go to her cheeks and making her look even more beautiful. She hesitantly knocked on the door, and pushed it open. Frankie scampered in.

The room was bare. And dark. A rich red carpet covered the floor. But there were no chairs, no tables and no one. She stepped in and the door softly and resolutely snapped shut behind her.

Ok darling, drop your disguise please boomed a voice.

Supriya’s lips twitched and a small tear trickled down her face. I am not in a disguise, she sobbed. This is how I really look. She noticed a beautiful huge mirror on the wall to the left and she turned to face herself. And suddenly stopped crying. She looked and felt really good she thought. Did she really require a wart to do magic? Did she really have to cackle hideously to put a hex?
I am not in disguise. THIS is how I am. I love music and singing. I love my laugh. I love myself and I really want to study witchcraft. I want to learn magic. And I won’t do any more bad deeds for the day!

A white light, dazzlingly bright flashed. The room faded…

Supriya found herself in a foyer surrounded by many young people. Many of them beautiful or handsome, others plain, some ugly. All holding little yellow slips in their hands. All exultant.

Her slip read, “It’s a myth that you need to be ugly (or beautiful) to be a witch. It’s also a myth that you need to do bad deeds to be a great witch. To gain admission at IITWW, Bombay, you simply need to accept yourself as you are. Only then can true magic be learned. Only then can true magic happen!

Welcome to IITWW and Congratulations!

PS You will need to learn calculus though, it’s a myth too that wizardry and witchcraft don’t require the knowledge of calculus.

Jai Gurudeva!



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29 Responses to “True Magic”

  1. sudha says:

    Dear BAU Sir,

    amazing one ha by the it’s a myth to say calculus is boring but infact it sounds interesting:)))is this story anyways connected in ur life?(LOL)

  2. Anshika says:

    ha ha ha 🙂
    Really nice !!
    I like that … 🙂

  3. Anshul says:

    thr wr mch mr expectations frm u bau!! persnly i din liked the charecter!!!!!!!

    • khurshed says:

      and personally i don’t like the way you spell English either 🙂
      and too bad you didn’t like Supriya, i quite like her and am pretty sure she is going to pop up more and more on this blog 🙂
      Jai Gurudeva!

  4. prasanna says:

    ayyo bao, not in mood to read fiction stories.. guru stories, ur posts on elections, and any controversial post is where the fun is…

    bao short stories if you can make it real life.. then also it would be very interesting…

    no tickling for the above comments.. 🙂

  5. kulpreeth says:

    Accept yourself as you are…..very good message bawa….does the story end here???? supriya sounds very interesting…would like to read more about her life.. the message u put through the story is excellent 🙂

  6. bhawana says:

    Ah!! Wonderfull and what is this deal about calculus..huh??

  7. puneeth says:

    i loved it bau.

  8. puneeth says:

    but bau whenever i see that someone is special or has special qualities i tend to think that this is how i want to be. initially i started of by observing the good qualities in people and implementing them into myself. i was inspired by this concept of taking good from anything. but i feel, after a long time of copying that i don’t know myself.

    • khurshed says:

      All good qualities are there in you in seed form to begin with… you put attention on them and they blossom… that’s how it works 🙂

  9. siddharth says:

    hahaha,very funny bau. the part that introuduces her poodle is hilarious “though he would use his powers to mercilessly zap any cats who tried to get fresh with him with various curses. Soon mommy cats would scare their little kits with stories of Frankenstein’ curses, if they didn’t drink their milk or they didn’t sleep their 20 hours every day.” Absolutely superb!!

  10. saipoornima says:

    Dear Bau,

    Amazing story…”when u accept yourself nothing can shake u” this is what i have learned from this story..

    the PS at the end was really funny 😛

  11. Swapnil says:

    Cute One Bau 🙂
    Liked It 🙂
    Keep Posting like this for a change in the future also 🙂
    Love,Jai Gurudeva 🙂
    Swapnil 🙂

  12. indu says:

    i want to know about what she eats?

  13. vivek patil says:

    funtabulous!!! … very adorable… btw, can i get supriya’s contact no. 😉 JGD!

  14. vishakha says:

    hhhmmmmmmm…..very much expected result…no doubt kewl imagination of urs…lol…

  15. Latha says:

    Jai Gurudev,
    Too good Fiction bau … waiting for the next post:)

  16. Monica Tiwari says:

    hahaha !
    This is a good story.
    And you’ve made her so Beautiful, that I really feel like seeing her ! 🙂

  17. sk says:

    “and personally i don’t like the way you spell English either…” – good one. still laughing imagining the possible expressions

  18. komal kapur says:

    great story bau,keep it up.. i love the character synopsis of supriya and i also love the name frankenstein (for the poodle).JGD..

  19. Anshul says:

    🙂 sorry for the kind of english I used bau!!! Thanks a lot!!!!
    Jai gurudev!

  20. Anshul says:

    meet you today at your intro talk bau!! 🙂

  21. jan says:

    oh bauuuu…super duper!!!i just love fiction stories esp magical ones with magical endings!!i have fallen in love with supriya and ur lovely story already..plzzz write more!!:) loadzofluv!JaiGurudev!!

  22. jan says:

    and its definitely a very light-hearted,magical and creative addition to the already magical n innocent blog!:)!!

  23. Manasi says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. mahika says:

    superb….well done bau!!!
    just loved it…
    hope to see more of supriya iyer at your{n dinesh bhaiya’s} blog…

  25. meghna says:

    very nice story bawaji! I have not studied in IITB nor do I know what calculus is.. but I just loved the story & the girl & the msg. Keep writing.

    P.S. Plz prompt Dinesji to post something now.

  26. sukeerti says:

    wow! bau realllllllyyyyyyyyy ggguuuuuuuudddddddd:)

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