May 20

We lost!?

I have had many questions along this line, on email, phone, as comments on the blog, etc:

Q. We have lost the elections. What should be our plan of action now?

A. We (Art of Living) did not loose the elections. We did not even contest the elections :). The BJP along with many other parties lost to the Congress.

Our plan of action remains what it has always been. Enrol people onto courses, do Sadhana, Seva and Satsang regularly, spread and enjoy the Glorious Knowledge, love and cherish our Guru and basically celebrate everything! 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



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54 Responses to “We lost!?”

  1. Monica Tiwari says:

    yes Exactly !!
    😀 Celebrations !!
    JGD 😀

  2. Jaimin says:

    …and continue igniting the fire … opposing in true spirit every wrongdoing by the government at the Centre …

  3. Mandakini says:


  4. Mandakini says:


  5. SB says:

    Very political statement 🙂

  6. nizam says:

    very true…! i never heard any party name The Art of Living!

    and if you are thinking that AOL is against Congress then you are wrong..! we are against injustice… unfairness..
    congress did many mistakes in last five years(may be intentionally). I am sure if BJP will do the same the same voice will raise against them also..


  7. Abhay says:

    its interesting to see some action without attachment here. the election process was quite an eye opener, learnt lots and lots of lessons!

  8. RAMAN R says:

    yes , you are absolutely right … we gave our 100% … why should we bother abt the outcome …i am happy atleast there is a stable govtt in the centre.

  9. sourabh says:

    jai gurudev.surely we havn’t directly joined politics.we have just gave our comments.the society will change only through spirituality nothing else.and that we have to spread

  10. Guru says:

    Well said

    Jai Gurudev

  11. Sats says:

    Lately I have been really intrested to learn more abt politics.When I start to read about it or understand more about the political system, its like a chain.. one link leads to another and its like I get lost trying to understand and learn.. what do you suggest?? how do i learn about politics??


  12. Vinay Subrahmanya says:


    I wont say that the congress has won. Just consider this fact-

    The vote share for the congress was around 37-38% and the voter turnout all over india was a dismal 50%. So, just 18-19% of the people of India have voted for the congress. It just means that the rest 80% havent voted for the congress or didnt exercise thier franchise. The elction system in India needs to overhauled.
    At the same time, I cant understand the fact that even this 19% of the people chose to sleep over the gross misdeeds of the government.

  13. Milind says:

    Got it…Jgd

  14. Rashmin says:

    Wow! Bau you are so amazing! I love you.

  15. Aryan says:

    Politics is dirty all over the world.Art Of Living has been working at grassroots level and our message is not aligned with any political party.75% of the population lives under $2/day.So out of 100 people,75 ppl are poor and 35 of;em vote.the other 25 has little say and only 13 of them vote anyway.So our message and If i have read your blogs properly were asking everyone to vote.O by the way,see if you vote for change was backed with some proof.I personally felt that Advani resembled McCain and Manmohan using Rahuls image looked young.But just like BJP blew it in Rajasthan,congress will mess up as well.So can BJP be a position to capitalize will be the big question.Thats politics and AOLF has nothing do with it.
    Thanks for this piece Bawa

  16. Floyd says:

    Thats is well said … AOL will flourish and we should make that happen … JAi Gurudev!

  17. Abhinand says:

    Well said

  18. Bhaskar says:

    We never lose.. We either win or make others win… Jai Gurudev!!

  19. Prashant says:

    The pitch of this response is different from that of your previous posts. I guess that’s alright… Time to celebrate 🙂


  20. Sahil says:

    Thats the most diplomatic post I have ever seen..anywhere..huhh
    Accept it man..I was with you on be happy atleast one party got almost absolute majority and in any case I think something good has happened.
    I am just wondering how we miscalculated the whole scenario..

  21. Bidisha says:

    That is brillintly said Bau.. Love always..

  22. Anuj says:

    Hi dear Ananya,

    I feel instead of correcting those 1% of people we have remaning 99% to take care of. :).

    Jai Gurudev and take care!!!

  23. Abhijit says:

    Dear bhaiya,

    Jai Gurudev
    I am an ardent follower of AOL; but your reply to the above post seems dilemmatic. Prior to elections all my fellow AOL practisioners were telling to support to BJP; and now as the BJP has lost we’re giving a reply like “We are AOL, we didnt contest the elections, its BJP who lost”. We’re actually digressing from our commitment and responsibility.

    Instead it should be that “Yes we lost this time (as we were supporting BJP), but next time we shall emerge as winners by correcting all the flaws or rather as our own AOL party.”

    Pardon me for cross-questioning; I do not intend to offend you but the dual stand was hurting me.

    Jai Gurudev

  24. sharika says:

    thanks a loooot for this post.. made a lot of sense:D

  25. danno says:

    wow bau…amazing is your way of making things so SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL !! love u soooooo much…thanks to Guruji for giving you 4 d youth !! Jai Guru dev!

  26. danno says:

    yea wat u say is true…its just that our entire family voted for the same party …thatz all 🙂

    • khurshed says:

      Not really, a huge amount of people in various parts of the country also worked for the Congress … esp in Kerela where their candidates were simply light years better than anyone else

  27. Amarja says:

    Bau, i am mighty curious to know Guruji’s comments about the how and why of the new government. Do you know?

  28. Bhaskar says:

    The people rejected the campaign of negativity run by the BJP. To the dismay of many, AOL become a tool of the bjp – the platform was used to spread bjp propaganda and for spewing vitriol at the congress. For some time AOL seemed like the right wing RSS.Suddenly it was not about love and acceptance, but about hating congress and it’s policies. In the process, we a lost the goodwill of people, and our image of neutrality.

    India is secular not because the minorities want to be secular, but because hindus want to be secular. Hindus have been burned many times in the past, when politicians have tried to exploit “hindu anger” for votes. People do not take very kindly to people trying to exploit religion and their spirituality for votes.

    For teachers to use it as a platform to garner votes a party is cringeworthy. I hope it is a lesson AOL learns well, and this does not happen again….otherwise the only people who will remain in AOL will be right wing acolytes.


  29. ............... says:

    jgd…i really dont think aol is so small that maligning done by anyone should even bother us…its their opinion and its a democracy…:)))i also make derogatery remarks on aol when not in mood…so what…

  30. JGD

    Yes, I agree, No link between election result and AoL

    This news we can also put in other words

    “People of India has assigned a more responsible position of being opposite party to BJP. So BJP has to keep check on all the actions done by ruling party.”

    Let us we all youth remain alerts and discuss/debate and if require oppose any inappropriate actions of (whoever) ruling party. It will be probably better approach, compare to having personal like/dislike for any party.

    What do you say?

    Regards and Keep Smilng

  31. SK says:

    Jai Gurudev Bau,Dinesh
    I was first sad that BJP lost. But then the Left parties
    got out for good. So its kind of not-so-bad now 🙂

  32. Raj says:

    JGD Bawa
    wonderful post.. i completely agree..
    but why is it that prior to results everybody in aol says in unison, bjp is going to come to power, bcoz guruji has blessed them. also there is a misunderstanding that aol has millions and millions of followers and if aol supports bjp, its a clear advantage for them. my question is don’t ppl in aol overestimate themselves.
    love, JGD.

  33. Anshika says:

    Thats okay..But why didnt BJP win when all of us ran a campaign for it ..? 🙁

  34. Vishal says:

    Hey abhijit .. i agree to what you have to say ..

    but frankly .. all Bau was asking out of us was to go out and VOTE .. we went onto the lines of .. Vote for BJP only and only coz people were ASKING .. whom to vote for ..

    Further, There is really nothing much to say after what has happened .. BJP lost BIG time ..

    so .. course of action .. ?? Better luck next time .. next time we need to make sure that more people go out and vote .. and more people are made aware of the fact the congress is not really upto the mark or ruling the India fairly ..

    I guess everybodys disappointed .. but well .. life goes on ..

    Say cheers to life and smile .. 🙂

    Jai gurudev!

    PS: Andhra pradesh has been experiencing huge and regular power cuts .. pre and post election .. and YSR promises an increase in 2 hrs free power to the farmers .. !! i.e 9 hrs of free power to farmers .. wow ..

    God said .. “let there be light” .. and there was a POWER CUT .. hail the Hand .. !!!

  35. Anshika says:

    @ bHASKAR
    Well said !! 🙂

  36. Arvind says:

    @Abhijit, Jai Gurudev

    I think we (AOL) have to think and act at two levels
    1. Fundamental (or theoretical) View. This is a non changing view or attitude that we hold towards life. This is independent of practical situation and circumstance and can be said to be same till eternity. From this standpoint, we are not in favour of any one party in particular or will favor any party that that stands for “Fundamental Good” at any given “point of time”, because we know that everything changes. Tomorrow we should not be too surprised to find if BJP is filled with crooks and congress has become truly holy.
    2. Applied (or practical ) view. This view will be situation specific and will obviously change as the situation (or the people involved) changes. Today if we find that a particular party is not acting in interest of nation or people, we should not be afraid of taking a public stance advocating voting against the party.

    Having said this, our spiritual skill lies in remaining anchored in our Fundamental attitude while switching to and back from the applied viewpoints that we may need to take as the situation demands. Neither are we afraid of switching to a particular “Applied Viewpoint”, nor are we prejudiced against or dogmatic enough to resist switching off quickly from a particular Applied view that we have taken. This, even at the risk of being called ‘diplomatic’ or ‘opportunistic’ or seemingly ‘dishonest’ even. Hence we are not even shy of contradicting a previously adopted ‘applied stance’.

    But we remain anchored in the fundamental at all time.

    Another feature of this is that when we have taken a particular “applied stance” to it’s fullest, supported say xyz, it may look (to the world) as if we are strong “xyz-ists”, although fundamentally we know well that we are not.


  37. vishakha says:

    extremely superb answer…. 😀

  38. Prabu Vijayan says:

    dudes, get it right – Sonia govt had/has to go bcoz they were/are not competent. We had no choice but to back BJP. Not that BJP is India’s savior! Even as an opposition party BJP has not done a great job – this is a fact.

    When the time came, we acted responsibly. Now election is over, so no more pro-BJP stance. What is needed is pro-India stance!!!!

    What is needed now is that we contibue raising awareness amongst people about the issues that hamper india, voting etc. there is LOT that can be done, for example:

    * In India people DO_NOT elect their PM. It is the political patry president who decided who will be the PM
    * we basically have many useless govt positions like governer
    * When India got independence we somehow chose to follow the british democratic system. It may work in britain. India is NOT britain!!!!
    * There are SO MANY useless laws that have not been ammended or removed since independence which hamper India’s progress
    * In a “secular” india govt gives money to muslims to go to mecca, why not christians to go to rome or hindus to go to kailash??

    there are so so so many such issues to be addressed and the PEOPLE of India have to do it. India is what it is now becuase of the people! not because of the politician!!

    so election is over…finished. we did our job (concering election)…finished. Intelligent people will move forward….heart full, hands busy, eyes and ears open.

    and do visit Swami Mahesh Giri ji’s blog:

    Jai Guru Dev
    Prabu Vijayan

  39. Anuradha Iyer says:

    Hi Everybody,

    Jaigurudev!!!I totally agree with Bawaji that we continue doing our Sadhana,Seva Satsang n Smile more…:-)It does not matter now who won or lost..It has happened..Now we should keep our ears n eyes open n be aware by taking a sincere interest in the functioning of our Government n also continue with creating public awareness about the different policies on imp issues like Education,Rural devlpmnt,Environment,Agriculture,Poverty n most importantly, how OUR money is being utilised by this Government!!!!We should make a platform to openly question n debate these issues intelligently so that there is more transperency n answerability to the citizens of this great country..INDIA.

  40. Pallvi says:

    Jai Gurudev!!
    Dear Bawa please correct me if am wrong but i guess if BJP would have won with such majority..Caption of post election result post would be….we won!!!

    think abt it…

  41. Jay says:

    Wellllll, from my point of view we supported BJP because:
    1) It is a lesser evil to congress
    2) The message should be clear to all the parties running for the high office. “If you don’t work well as a government, we’ll get a new one.”

    Now why did BJP loose or why congress won is a different matter. But now we have to make sure that the current government works on its promise. And its our right and responsibility that we bring forth our demands in a non-invasive manner. This means not resorting to vandalism and violence. But we can send lots of emails to the PM to draw his attention. And he better get a bigger inbox.

  42. gauri says:

    well said Bau. 🙂 it was certainly a question which was on everybody’s mind but by this post things are made clear enough that although we participated in creating the awareness our goal will be enrolling people and spreading this knowledge to many more.

  43. Siddharth says:

    Hmm… I had a pro-congress view before i met Bawa as my late grandfather was an M.L.A from congress…

    I thank Bawa because he made me aware of loads of ground realities… Got the fact in front of me… And now i am pro-India 🙂

    Guruji has spoken about this elections beautifully on His blog…

    And yes we can also see election as a faith-election! lets ask ourselves that did we start doubting Guruji and His powers after the results or not? Frankly i did… for a while… but now my faith in Him is stronger..

    I love Him 🙂

  44. Varun says:

    Jai Gurudev!
    Where’s my comment Bau?? Something’s really wrong with your blog?? Or do you prefer selective posting of comments these days? This has happened for perhaps the fifth or sixth time! Disappointing! 🙂

  45. Vinay Subrahmanya says:

    Dear bau, can you please put the link of guruji’s blog

  46. Bhaskar says:

    Nobody doubted that the performance of the congress was mediocre…but what was the alternative ? The BJP was defined by the varun gandhi episode, and the party which criticized Dr. Singh…not the party which was ready to take over governance.

    Poor performance not withstanding..i’m not sure it’s AOL’s job to criticize the govt…there are many other agencies doing that job. Asking people to vote for the BJP in a public event, shows signs of desperation. I’m not so sure that the teacher’s motives are for pure public service, and not motivated by personal bias.

    It is well known that the congress sees AOL as a hindutva outfit, and does not support it’s activities at all. It is to be expected that AOL teachers have an anti-congress bias. By asking people to vote for one party, AOL strengthens that perception that BJP is using it as a vote bank.

    This is especially true in indian politics, where religion has been used as a tool to mobilize people to vote for a party…be it akalis in punjab, catholics in goa, or muslims in UP. In such a charged atmosphere, AOL will be well served to stay out of endorsing political parties.

    Lastly, guruji was very skillful in speaking about the election…but many other did not show such finesse….the event in rajkot, is particularly troubling to see.

  47. Sadanand says:

    Well behind all the high sounding values of AOL people here there is but plain and clear politics. Obviously AOL being a right wing religious Hindu group would be supporting BJP. I think you should just accept this instead of finding out contrived reasons. It is just identity politics.
    The reason you feel BJP as not evil is because they believe what you believe. They wanted to introduce astrology and vastu shastra and so called Vedic mathematics in our educational curicullum. These subjects are something which AOL endorses. There are many in this country who feel such things are not much of relevance to them and the AOL supporters are not able to digest their opinion. That apart Sri Sri Ravishankar is close to L K Advani, the fanatic who left a trail of blood during the demolition of the mosque. Also the guru endorses the RSS line of politics in all his views. So you can be merry but deep down it hurts you folks. Sri Sri also presided in many functions organized by VHP in Coastal karnataka just after they ransacked some churches. I think you should come out honest about it. YOu can smile and be merry but it is so artificial. Your hurt is quite real.

    • khurshed says:

      whatever 🙂

    • khurshed says:

      you have made many very baseless observations and really i dont want to enter into a meaningless discussion with someone who knows next to nothing about what he is talking about, but i have approved your comment just so people know that there are many who are sick in the head and really need to learn and do some meditation in their lives
      end of discussion
      Jai Gurudeva!

  48. Aryan says:

    @sadanand:Guruji has promoted Moaists to run as CPI members.His goal is to unite people.Gurudev’s smile,grace and humility has won him a lot of admirers all over the world.Gurudev has said on numerous occasions that we should know a little bit of every religion.Did your selecting reading/hearing forget to take a note of that.You have a very local view of Sri Sri. Travel with him and you will see the kind of people he meets.I think you r confused like your name – you cant decide if your Sad or Anand?:)!!!
    I have no intention to gang up on you .Sri Sri teaches spirituality and our goal is become a seeker/disciple…The rest is just a drama anyways!

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