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One evening in Satsang, Guruji announced that He would take all of us up to the highest peak in the area, the Weisshorn the next day in the afternoon. We would go to the peak first and then do the Geeta class. That night the organizers told Guruji that there was a storm and snow warning for the next day and that it would be difficult, possibly dangerous to go to the peak. Guruji just told them to relax and make all arrangements for the trip to happen…

The next morning, there was a heavy ominous fog and it was snowing.

A foggy gloomy day

A foggy gloomy day

The weather was still inclement as we went to the town hall for the Geeta class. Guruji told everyone that we will first do the Geeta class. After His discourse, the weather was still hostile. We could see from the tall windows. He just asked everyone to close their eyes and lead us into the usual deep meditation. We must have meditated an hour or so… When we opened our eyes, the sun was shining cheerily through the windows, the snow had totally stopped and the clouds had cleared away!

Many people piled into cars and drove up a steep mountain road, while some braver ones (like us) walked. We even did a bit of cross country up the mountain.

Some people walked part of the way before hopping into cars

Some people walked part of the way before hopping into cars

From there, it was a gondola which took us up right into the peak of theΒ WeisshornΒ almost 1000 m above Arosa. A gondola is not a boat. It’s just a big bus compartment, from which they have removed the wheels and stuck a thing on the top which is on a sort of a ski lift/cable car.

A gondola

A gondola

The snow had not melted up on the Weisshorn, and it was soft and thick and a winter wonderland awaited us. Guruji was in His element. He started a few snowball fights, took photos with everyone. I was wrapped up well to protect against the cold and He pooh-poohed me and said how much warm clothes you are wearing! He threw a snowball at me which just took away the cold and i was content with just a shawl and after playing and running and rolling in the snow for a bit, got rid of that as well!

Me and Dinesh on the Weisshorn all shawled and jacketed...

Me and Dinesh on the Weisshorn all shawled and jacketed...

The snowball

The snowball

Not feeling cold any more!

Not feeling cold any more!

Mom’s leg was hurting and He just held her for a few minutes and her pain went away… and she actually forgot her age completely and she too rolled in the snow down a small incline.

Mom, Farida Aunty (her best friend) and Guruji

Mom, Farida Aunty (her best friend) and Guruji

Guruji and us at the Weisshorn

Guruji and us at the Weisshorn

We made a snowman, some snow angels, took even more photos, rolled down a small hill, rolled down again for videos and photos, you get the picture :)… All too soon it was time to return back for Satsang.

Wonder what he is doing ... :) :) :)

Wonder what he is doing ... πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Later in the night, I asked Guruji that there had been a storm warning, how had He been so sure that it would be clear? He laughed and said the storm can wait… my devotees cannot!

That night there was a snow storm and when we woke up the next morning, everything was a pristine soft white…

Jai Gurudeva!



ps i can’t find the videos of us rolling in the snow, when i find them, i will put them up here πŸ™‚

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40 Responses to “Weisshorn”

  1. Milan says:

    I missed all of this!!!!! :((((((

  2. Saket Kakkar says:

    Seeing Farida aunty reminds of the satsangs at your place 15 yrs back

  3. Madhusudan says:


  4. Thats what we call Maaaagiiiic πŸ™‚

    Waessooomeeeeee JGD

  5. pankaj says:

    wow!!! amazingly fresh…

  6. vidya says:

    Lovely !!!

  7. ann says:

    I too rolled in the snow there πŸ™‚
    Guruji’s weather control reminded me of a story about how enlightened souls Gurus can control 5 elements – basically ‘the world’ that we percieve..
    It doesnt amaze me… thats ‘normal there’ isnt it πŸ™‚

  8. vivek says:

    dear bau,
    i got some awesome snaps of you n dinesh from weisshorn and also the videos of you rolling in snow..
    jgd.- vivek chavan.

  9. Rajmohan babu says:

    My GURUJI so sweet………..

    with love,

  10. Vivek says:

    Bau, this is very touching — “the storm can wait, my devotees cannot!”

    It brought a tear to my eye…

  11. Priyanka says:

    bawa.. its so beautiful.. loved the way you narrated everything.. wow!!

  12. Jigyasa says:

    So Beautiful!! πŸ™‚

  13. Mandeep kaur says:

    Jgd!!! Guru ji and bhaiya……….
    This is really awesome.when i was reading this i just feel as if i was also there with u …. I wish that time will also come..in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Siddharth says:

    storm can wait… my devotees cannot!

    This one stole my heart… how much blessed we are ……

  15. satwik says:

    wow no other words jai gurudev

  16. satwik says:

    hm n i too wonder what he is doing lol

  17. Micaela MazΓ‘s says:

    So beautiful!!! This is the story you told us during the DSN in Argentina πŸ˜€ SO nice to see the pictures illustrating the precious moments and happiness you all had!!!!
    The view is INCREDIBLE. I love the photo of Guruji throuwing a snowball, he’s just like a kid, pure joy.
    Thank you so much for sharing πŸ™‚
    Blessings, Jai Guru Dev!!!!

  18. Nupur says:

    Wow Bau!
    Tears of joy rolled down after reading this…
    Jai guru dev!

  19. Pankaj says:

    Dear Bau,

    First of all, I must say I am so thankful to you for regularly updating me with your personalized account of Guruji’s knowledge!!
    I feel so close to Guruji even as I read through your travelogue.
    Yet, a desire arises that I too go on such a vacation with Him and you! πŸ™‚
    Loads of Love..Jai Gurudev!

  20. kapil says:

    Wow….its so nice.

  21. nikita says:

    Wow!!! Real good pictures… I feel envious…

  22. vish says:

    I heard it costs a total of Rs. 50,000+ to become a teacher. All the courses put together.
    Teaching centers are sold as franchises, atleast in Bglr
    The courses have been split into so many sub-courses, its looks like a pricing manual of a company trying to gouge its clients. I could be wrong with some of the numbers. but the basic idea is this.

    First they say if people don’t pay the money then they don’t value it
    Then, they say how can we run a charitable org, thats why we charge for courses
    Then, they say how can we run a charitable org, thats why we start selling stuff.
    Then, they say see how much good we have done. Go and see for yourself knowing very well that not many will check and if they check, it would be one of a case or some kind of a potemkin’s village (I am a salesman who gets asked for and presents reference checks)
    Then, then they start licensing the brand (franchises, shops etc.)
    Then, they say he is god
    Then, they say…
    Then, one fine day it is as commercial as any capitalist-profitable org
    then we don’t see any difference between this guru and the multitude of others who came and went (lost our trust)
    and then one more comes and repeats the cycle
    Don’t we deserve a plain-simple guru devoid of any org or charges and any excuses for an org or charges… plain simple bliss of listening to him devoid of an org, fawning disciples, etc. etc.
    GOD are we asking for too much!!!!!

    I remember a line from The Rainmaker

    Every lawyer, in every case, crosses a line he didn’t mean to cross.
    It just happens. And if you cross it enough times, it disappears forever.
    Then you’re nothing but a lawyer joke. Just another shark in the dirty water.

    • Bawa says:

      hmmmmm … just goes to show one should not listen to all that you have “heard” right?!

      Lets do a cost break down shall we?

      Part I course/YES!+ course: Rs 2000 (max, at many places, it is as low as Rs 500)
      recommended 2 Part II courses each at Rs 4000ish, which include food, stay and course expenses for 4 full days = Rs 8000
      Sahaj: Rs 1500 (at max, in many places it can be between Rs 800-1500)
      DSN: Rs 4000 (at max, in many places it can be as low as Rs 2000)
      TTC which is a 21 day program, again inclusive of stay, food etc at the Ashram is Rs 11000

      Grand Total is about Rs 27,000 and it is recommended that you do this over a period of at least 2 years, which is a little more than Rs 1000 a month. Also all our courses are available on scholarship for people who really require it. You can talk to your teacher, we even have an online system for applying for scholarships.

      For many people teaching Art of Living is a career choice. For the investment that you make, it’s quite cheap!

      So you yourself have exaggerated the figures to more than double in your very first line… The rest of your comment is as ludicrous. Badly researched and utterly biased. But i will still reply to your “objections”

      A big part of the money generated through the sale of stuff as you put it and the profits of the money collected through courses have been used for societal good of which you have not bothered to find out – you dismiss the entire Service activities of more than 5000 full time Yuvacharyas in 25000+ villages in India as a mere “potemkin” village … i still say go check if you have that decency and report back!

      Try going into a village in India and bringing about a change there, do it in one village, do it in one community of one village, see how TOUGH that is, then talk
      Try doing this in the naxal affected areas of our country… see if you even survive the experience

      Guruji is God or not … is what you believe. And you are a nonentity to question anyone else’s faith and belief. Guruji definitely says He is God. Then He always adds, so are You!

      I would be very happy to see Art of Living as truly profitable… if you have any suggestions about that, without compromising on the basic value systems that are in place, i would welcome them and implement them. Let Art of Living become very rich! … amount of wealth on the planet is finite. more good people are rich, less goes to terrorists and fanatics. World becomes safer πŸ™‚

      Don’t use “we” … we don’t see any difference etc? possibly you don’t see, don’t generalize. Definitely don’t include me or any of the few thousand readers of this blog.

      You will always get a Guru you deserve… And you cannot comment on how He/She is.

      You want the plain bliss of listening to Him devoid of others, go on the internet and listen to the many talks available there. Then you are alone with Him.

      And that rainmaker line is so utterly irrelevant, i won’t bother to write anything about it other than say it is irrelevant.

      If Art of Living and Guruji bother you so much, go elsewhere, we will manage somehow without you.

      Jai Gurudeva!

      • vish says:

        Oh bawa, bawa, bawa!!!

        You definitely did not surprise me with your response.
        Yes, but you did disappoint me πŸ™‚


        • Sandeep says:

          Fine! Stay disappointed! How does it matter to any one else on this planet ?? πŸ™‚

        • Gaurav says:

          I like your name…very apt …so i am not surprised:))JGD…Some God bless you:)

          • Ekta says:

            For him to be blessed by GOD, he needs to experience the bliss. But he will be consumed doubting the GOD and calculating his own investment towards it.

      • Ekta says:

        Good reply Bau. Awesome!! πŸ™‚

        This is a superb example of his height of ignorance and also confirms to your next blog on tolerating stupidity. And I believe he is proud of his stupidity!!

  23. MANCHIT says:

    yes…i feel envious too!!!

  24. MANCHIT says:

    And really happy to see aunty hail amd hearty..:)

  25. MANCHIT says:

    And really happy to see aunty hail and hearty..:)

  26. Manasi says:

    awesome!!!!! Guruji throwing snowballs at everyone….wht a wonderful sight tht must’ve been…day by day my luv for guruji is increasing….thanx bau 4 posting such interesting & amazing things….u & dinesh bhaiyya rock..seriously… its really blissful to hear tht guruji cares so much for his devotees….jai gurudev……

  27. Kannu Priya says:

    Loved it!!…
    Really love your travelogue bau…… it made me wish for an opportunity to be on that mountain with guruji and you all … up on Weisshorn for a snowball fight…lol … thanks for sharing.
    Lots of Love πŸ™‚

  28. Aruna says:


    I haven’t been to Arosa yet. I am doing virtual touring with your travelogues. It’s Lovely and Wonderful. “Straight from Heaven ” is the caption coming to my mind for the Album. πŸ™‚ .

    Jai Guru Dev

  29. Meghana says:

    Lovely pics Bau….. Guruji is always the cutest, sweetest, loveliest and the best amongst all…………….

  30. kavitha says:

    i am bowing down to the WEST….

  31. Manoj says:

    Thanks Bawa for narrating another miracle so beautifully……….I’m really thrilled to read
    “the storm can wait… my devotees cannot!”.
    Pls continue with AROSA live.

  32. siddharth says:

    absolutely luved the pics, and the comments are interesting as well :):)

  33. Amey says:

    bawa, still waiting for the links to videos of you (all) rolling in the snow…. please upload it soon πŸ˜€ .. can hardly wait..

    jai gurudev

    P.S. How is aunty doing now? Being with HIM, everything must have been taken care of all by itself. Wish her good health from here on. πŸ˜€

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