May 19

Whipping Cream

For whipping the cream, you need to prepare a bit:

First get yourself some nice (whipping) cream and put it in the fridge, not the freezer, so that its very cold but not frozen, few hours is enough. Don’t use the Amul fresh cream that you get in the tetra pack. This method doesn’t work with this cream. You will need to ask for whipping cream or double cream from a good dairy. In Bangalore you get it in Spar.

You will need 2 bowls, one big, you will be making an ice bath in it for the second smaller bowl. Put these in the freezer, so they are very cold. Also, the beater parts of your electric whipper (don’t even try this by hand) can be put in the freezer to make very cold. You will also need ice and a bottle of cold water.

Once everything is cold, move fairly quickly.

In the big bowl, pour some of the cold water and a few ice cubes and place the smaller bowl in that ice bath. Add the cream to the smaller bowl, till its about 1/3rd full, definitely not more than 1/2 full.

Cream for whipping in the ice bath

Cream for whipping in the ice bath

Whip the cream with your whipper, until soft peaks form when you remove the beater.

Soft peaks form in the cream

Soft peaks form in the cream

Now, add some powdered sugar (you can make it by powdering organic crystal sugar, khadi shakkar or mishri), about 2 tablespoons for 1 liter of cream is enough, add more if you want it sweeter. Finally add a tablespoon of vanilla essence. Whip again. And stop in about a minute if you want cream that forms soft peaks.

If you whip too long, the cream will separate and you will get butter, so be careful about that. Just before the cream becomes butter, it will get a very slight yellowish tinge. Stop whipping immediately then.

Stiffly whipped cream will form firm peaks and the blender will leave a trail in the cream.

Yummy delicious Whipped Cream

Yummy delicious Whipped Cream

Put the whipped cream into the fridge… it stays for some time, people say 1 week or so. I don’t know, every time i make whipped cream it gets over in about 6 minutes 🙂

Here is a very nice video for whipping cream

Jai Gurudeva!



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23 Responses to “Whipping Cream”

  1. AdiTyA says:

    Bau nice stuff….somehow reminds me of Whipped cream with fruit at Haji Ali Juice Center 😀

  2. Jyoti says:

    Hi Bawa,
    Very easy steps.
    Thanks for sharing..
    Jai Gurudev 🙂

  3. Anshul says:

    its nice… i alwayz wanted to know this…
    but the video!!! 🙁
    i thought would be yours video whipping the cream…. 🙁 but anyways it was nice..

  4. Anshika says:

    Seems to be an easy one! Finally I can try atleast one recipe! 🙂 And with a gang of young people around you all the time , the cream has to be over in 6 minutes.. 🙂 🙂

  5. Monica Tiwari says:

    I never tried it, ever !
    But I love home made butter 🙂

  6. Antariksh says:

    Whipped cream with some strawberry/chocolate syrup, nuts will be great

  7. komal kapur says:

    bau i wouldnt be surprused if such fantastic and fantabulous whipped cream gets over in under a few minutes ….. but now thanks for sharing the secret…..JGD…

  8. Vishal says:

    Coool ..
    now i know where i And MOM too go wrong ..

    1. We never bothered to keep the vessels and utensils COLD too ..

    2. We did it traditionally with a beater .. i.e. by hand .. 😀

    Nice knowledge .. will try it out sometime definitely

    Jai Gurudev!

  9. Vishal says:

    Oh Yea .. forgot to mention ..

    pics were amazing ..

    felt like licking the screen ..

    actually .. still feel like doing it .. 😀

  10. Varun says:

    Feel like diving into the smooth and pristine white whipped cream; and then licking it all !

  11. Apu says:

    i just tried it yesterday yummmmmmmm~~~~~ 🙂

  12. sudha says:

    Dear Sir,

    Planning to it on saturday photo is very nice.. my mouth is always watering seeing the photo

  13. meow says:

    hey quite intestin stuff in jus 6min awesome kewl

  14. Aditi says:

    well i don’t think Bau needs any gang of young people around him to finish the delicacy in just 6 minutes!!!! right bau??!! 🙂 hheeehee
    BUT thanx bau… its short and sweet!!! 🙂

  15. Anuradha Iyer says:

    WOW!!!That looks YUMMMMMY!!!Always wondered how to make it at home…I just love looking at all ur recipe pics.They look so inviting..I love ur recipe section.

  16. gauri says:

    i’m waiting to go home and do it for my mom….she’ll go mad wondering how i could manage that….then i can actually tell her to come to Ashram and learn from you 😉 i would love to capture her expression when she takes a bite of it. 🙂

  17. Kumar simha says:

    bau the pastry u prepard on guruji’s birthday has gotto b the best pastry i have ever had…Looking forward to more such delicious times!!

  18. Pratibha says:

    Whipping cream seems similar to Sudarshan Kriya. Take thick cream full of Fat & self importance ( Ego), whip it nice with air and Voila, you have lovely, soft white peaks!

    With a picture like this, I better watch “le waistline” else it may turn “wasteline”!

    You are absolutely fabulous! BTW, found some fabulous Feta + Herbs last week! Called you a gadzillion times to check is you were in Blr so I could bring it over! but as usual, you hardly ever pick up le phone!

  19. […] can be served either hot, room temperature or cold. I love them deliciously hot and tender, with cold, cold vanilla flavoured softly whipped cream! You may sprinkle some finely chopped nuts on the […]

  20. Abbas sait says:

    Hi Friends Regarding Whip cream is Non dairy Product we are the Disbutur for Karnataka its come in one litre pack once you whip its become 3 litre do contact us for the stock A S International we are exporting to U A E

  21. akash says:

    thanks for the recipe but I have a problem ,
    I’m planning to bake a cake for my moms B’day but don’t know any whipping cream brands !!
    please help me !
    suggest me some easily available brands of whipping cream !

  22. Divya says:

    Hi, Thanks soo much for mentioning where we get whipping cream in blore, I have been trying very hard to get a good brand, thanks 🙂

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